Dalai Lama blesses JERF donation to FIU
An elegant ceremony was organized on October 25th in Miami Beach in honor of HH Dalai Lama by Princess of Vietnam.
FIU's Study of Rare Religion Gets a Boost
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Jain Vishva Bharati
(An institute dedicated to human values)

!!  Arham  !!

Every religion is endeavoring to manifest the truth. However, Truth being multi faceted, every religion can be considered a simple expression of complete truth. As, neither the perception of Truth in entirety is the aptitude of intellect, nor its expression is the competence of language.

Truth articulated in Jain religion could be categorized into four philosophical windows-
•    Metaphysics
•    Ethics
•    Mathematics
•    Literature, History, & archaeological artifacts

Philosophy of Anekant (analyze Truth from multiple perspectives)has been developed to express the multi dimensional metaphysical reality that  can be implemented to resolve many philosophical perplexities. Its application can built a relationship of concurrence in the diverse complexities.

The fundamental components of ethics: ahimsa (nonviolence), minimization of uncontrolled desire & moderation in consumption can exercise as an antidote to the modern day problems rooted in violence, possession & over consumption.  Mathematics in Jain Philosophy has been functional to apprehend the innumerable life beings, infinite modes of karmic record & more.

Literature is an ocean of wisdom. The Jain scriptures have been written in many ancient oriental languages: Prakrit, Sanskrit, Apbhransha, & modern languages as well. Added to this, Jain tradition has a vast history & a rich & beautiful heritage of artifacts to share with the world.
I consider establishment of the Bhagwan Mahavir Professorship of Jain Studies at Florida International University a new step towards addressing contemporary issues of our modern day society.

Since time immemorial, Jain philosophy has developed principle of non-absolutism (Anekant) as means of exploring truth from a multitude of perspectives. This principle uncannily speaks to the modern world, which is learning to live with multiculturalism and multiple ideologies, and is extremely relevant in building a harmonious society.

Jain ethics promotes the virtues of non-violence and non-possessiveness as key to addressing present day issues of consumerism, economic crisis and environmental degradation.

I believe the benefits of research in Jain philosophy and ethics through this professorship at FIU will reach not only the American society but will be guiding community at large across the world.

I applaud this effort of Samani Charitra Pragya, Samani Unnat Pragya and the Jain community and wish them success.

Acharya Mahapragya
March 17, 2010
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