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Seminars and Lectures by Dr. Samani Chaitanya Prajna

Seminar on Violence and Non-violence in Jain Scriptures
Dr Oren B. Stier, the Professor of Judaist Studies at FIU, invited Dr. Samani Chaitanya Prajna as a resource person to give seminar on “Concept of Violence and Non-violence in Jain Sacred Sourses” among the graduate students.

She discussed the concept of equality of all souls, its environmental and ecological implications, interdependence of natural resources and the dreadful results of violence which is the direct or indirect root cause of human suffering and global problems. She taught all these direct from the canons Acharanga, Prashnavyakarana, Upasakadasha, Dasaviakalika and the philosophical treatise Tattvarth Sutra. She gave talk on the following topics in the consecutive three seminars:

  • Jain Canons and Hermeneutical Tradition
  • Violence and its Effect in Jain Scriptures
  • Non-violence: Philosophy and Practice

Visiting Lectures on Soul and Liberation
Dr Nathan Katz, the outstanding Professor of Judaist and Jain Studies at FIU, invited to Dr Samani Chaitanya Prajna to give talk on “Concept of Soul and Liberation in Jain and Yoga Tradition”.

She discussed the concept of spirituality, soul, rebirth and eternality of soul, liberation and meditation on the basis of the canon Acharanga and the philosophical treatises Tattvartha Sutra of Umaswati and Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali. Looking at the affinity in the ideas of soul, rebirth etc. in Jain and Yoga traditions they can be said as complimentary system of thoughts.

Study of Sanskrit Language at FIU
The interest and curiosity among the foreign students to know Indian culture through its original Sanskrit texts is increasing day by day. Looking at the great interest FIU has started two courses on Sanskrit language at undergraduate level and graduate level. The responsibility to conduct the Sanskrit language classes at both the levels is given to Samani Chaitanya Prajna.

This year 10 students are enrolled for the courses. They are not only curious to learn Sanskrit language but also interested to contribute in this field. They have started transliteration work on Jain philosophical and canonical texts.

Community Outreach

Lectures in South Florida Jain Center, Miami, USA
Samani Dr Chaitanya Prajna was invited by the organizers of SFJC to deliver lectures on “Jain Life Style in Modern times”, “Worship as Understanding of Mahavir” February 22nd and March 3rd 2011 respectively. She has said that in the age of globalization and interculturality there is great need to develop mutual understanding and respect. In the lecture on birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir, she said that the proper understanding and following the teachings of Mahavir is real worship. Faith integrated with knowledge and conduct leads to success and not faith devoid of knowledge and conduct.

Lectures in South Florida Hindu Temple, Miami, USA
On March 27, 2011 Samani Chaitanya Prajna was invited by the organizers of SFHT to deliver a lecture on “Concept of Liberation”. She said that the concepts of soul and liberation are the core of the heart of spirituality. Liberation is the pure and perfect state of soul. To achieve the state is the highest goal of life in Indian culture in general and Jain culture in particular. The means to achieve the goal we need an integrated and holistic approach suggested by Jain Tirthankras and that is Triratna or Trinity. Enlightened faith, enlightened knowledge and enlightened conduct together can help to realize the goal. Any one devoid of the two is insufficient to serve the purpose of life.

Lectures in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Dr. Samani Chaitanya Prajna was invited to deliver a lecture on “Philosophy behind Tolerance” and “Philosophy of Action” by the Jain community of West Palm Beach on February 25th and March 18th, 2011. She spoke that there are certain situations in which there is no solution to the problems other than tolerance. Especially something which is pre-destined and determinate or in other words, when demeritorious karmas come into fruition then one has no other option than tolerance. If one keeps patience and balance in the conflicting situation then it becomes easy to overcome the situation without any adverse effect. It is universal truth that every person has to pay for his deeds. Each action affects one who acts. Only the person who has no self-interest can remain unaffected by the action

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