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Jain-Related FIU Courses
  • REL 3020    Meditation and Spiritual Development

    Explores the ancient tradition of Jain  with comparative Meditation, its history, evolution & practice with an added  real experience of meditation. Twenty first century is the era of emergence of spirituality, Meditation & yoga. Students will explore the world of meditation, and know the scientific secrets of spirituality. Sstudents shall also get an opportunity to learn the varied techniques of meditation & transformative practices. The course is theory & practice oriented, leaning towards better healthy living. It promotes individual health & well being which encompasses the health & well being of all living beings around us and the world.

  • REL 3024    Religion, Life and Vegetarianism

    Religions have contributed to shape the world, society, & structuring the life of people. The
    course will explore the religions in east, their philosophy, & impact on social life. Religion
    survives in the society, society is shaped by religion. This is an opportunity to critically analyze a dialogue between religion & society. It shall explore the aspects like the Vegetarianism, basic food taboos & regulations, family systems, ethics rendered by religion, problems of conflict. It shall certainly open new arena of thought in the field of religion.

  • REL 3310    Introduction to Asian religions

    Analyses the basic concepts of Jainism & in the context of other Asian Religions.  This will
    allow students to understand and appreciate the culture and context of each religion by using
    objective reasoning through comparing and contrasting the structure and history of Asian
    religious communities. The course will directly involve the evaluating of religions from vantage
    points such as practices and beliefs, sacred texts, environment, politics, science, and gender.

  • REL 3330    Religions of India

    Explores the core religions born in India, the spiritual heritage which India shares to the world.

  • REL 4311    Religious Classics of Asia

    This course gives an exposure to the core Classics of the Indian religions. Students read the original texts (like Acharang), sacred texts to learn the philosophy, understand the culture, and revere the richness. we will explore understandings of “self and liberation” in classic texts from the traditions of Jainism, Yoga, and Buddhism.

Courses Infused With Jain Content
  • REL 3308    Studies in World Religions
  • REL 3148    Violence and the Sacred
  • REL 3492    Earth Ethics
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